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Arizona Court Declines Defendant’s Request for Reversal in Recent Car Theft Case

In a recent case before an appeals court in Arizona, the defendant asked the higher court to reconsider his convictions for theft and unlawful flight from a law enforcement vehicle. The defendant was originally found guilty after he stole a truck and tried to escape from the officers who found him several miles from the truck owner’s home. On appeal, the higher court reviewed the trial record and found no error in the lower court’s proceedings. The court affirmed the convictions and kept the defendant’s sentences in place.

Facts of the Case

According to the opinion, the owner of a 2005 Dodge Ram came home one evening to notice that his truck had been stolen from his driveway. The man had previously put a Lo-Jack system in his truck, which allowed him to track the vehicle if it were ever stolen. He activated the system and gave the relevant information to the police with the hopes of eventually finding the vehicle.

Soon, officers located the vehicle at a nearby convenience store. They went to the store and found the car by a gas tank. The defendant was in the front of the car, and the defendant’s cousin was filling one of the tires up with air. When an officer approached the truck with a gun drawn, the defendant pulled away and drove off. Officers followed the defendant to his home.

At that point, officers set up a perimeter around the defendant’s residence. The officers eventually entered the house to search for the defendant; when they found him, they arrested him and charged him with theft of means of transportation and unlawful flight from a law enforcement vehicle.

The Decision

The defendant’s case went to trial, and a jury found the defendant guilty as charged. Because of these convictions as well as two other prior felony convictions, the defendant was sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years in prison.

The defendant appealed, asking the court to conduct a thorough review of the trial record in order to ensure that he received competent representation throughout the trial. The court, reviewing the record, found no error in the lower court’s proceedings. The defendant was represented during all critical stages of his case, and there was no reason to think the attorney had not done his job in fulfilling his duties to the defendant.

The court therefore affirmed the defendant’s guilty conviction.

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