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City of Mesa Announces New Domestic Violence Court to Open July 7

Recently, the city of Mesa, Arizona announced that it will be opening a new domestic violence court focused specifically on the most serious domestic violence cases that come through the city’s court system. According to the city government, the new court is opening in response to a rise in domestic violence homicides between 2020 and 2021, and it will aim to offer services to both victims and defendants so that the rate of domestic violence in the city can begin to decrease. While the impacts of the new court, which opens July 7, are yet to be seen, the city’s announcement does provide important information for defendants facing domestic violence charges.

New Strategies

The court will employ a variety of tactics that are not currently in use by the city court system as it stands. For example, when imposing sentences, the court will use not only prison time but also counseling and rehabilitation so that defendants can work through any issues that the court thinks they might be facing. These sanctions will include frequent check-ins between defendants and the domestic violence court, meaning defendants will have to report on their progress in counseling and other rehabilitative programs as often as the court deems necessary.

The court will also impose deferred jail sentences for defendants who are found guilty of domestic violence. These sentences require defendants to go through certain programs before they have to report to prison, and if the defendants fail to comply with the terms that the court has imposed on them, they can be imprisoned as a result.

Details: What We Know About How the Court Will Operate

Defendants whose hearings are held in this new domestic violence court will report to the same building as they would have previously, as the new court will share space with other courts in the city. The employees of this new court, however, will be specifically trained in domestic violence issues, and the court will hire a new probation officer to help enforce the court’s terms and decisions. The court will also put an emphasis on making sure defendants are sufficiently aware of their individual rights. By hiring new public defenders as well as an employee who will be specifically responsible for communicating any relevant information with the defendants, the court is sending a clear message that it wants to ensure that everyone is given their opportunity to be heard.

Are You Facing Domestic Violence Charges in the State of Arizona?

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