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Mesa AZ Awarded Grant Aimed at Improving Prosecution of Drug DUI Charges involving Spice and Bath Salts

In 2012, Mesa Police reported 3,112 DUI arrests. Of those, 41.6 percent involved some type of drugs. This represented a slight increase over 2011 which was 41.2 percent. Many of these involved synthetic drugs, spice, bath salts, Marijuana, and prescription drugs.

To help address the rising drug DUI arrests, Mesa AZ Prosecutor’s Office was awarded a grant for $59,550 earlier this month by the DUI Abatement Council of the AZ GOHS, designed to improve drug DUI prosecution.

Approximately 80% of the grant will be used to design and post an official website which will include materials, arrest logs, and certifications involving DUI field tests for use by criminal defense attorneys in the discovery phase of a DUI case. This is designed to increase efficiency and save on expenses for police to comply with discovery requests by criminal defense attorneys. Currently, it takes police funding and time to produce information on each and every discovery request on paper and via mail.

The remaining 20% will be used to pay drug recognition experts and other expert witnesses on behalf of the prosecution to testify in court on DUI bath salts, and other synthetic drug charges.

When the Drug DUI blood evidence is suspected to involve synthetic drugs, bath salts or spice, the blood must be sent out of state to specialized labs, so the process can take a bit longer. For this reason, the police need to have some idea, of the type of drug involved.

Mesa Police vow to increase their Police Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training, which enables them to better detect motorists suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The training is designed to help the officer examine the suspect based on twelve standard steps. Through the program, the officer learns to reach a reasonably accurate conclusion regarding whether or not a suspect is under the influence of alcohol; or drugs; drug category; and possible medical condition that may be resulting in a driving impairment; and working with the Toxicology Unit to verify the Drug Recognition Expert’s opinion.

Drug DUI Attorney Scottsdale AZ

It is important that you consult a criminal defense attorney familiar with defending DUI charges involving drugs as well as alcohol, which requires additional legal forensic knowledge and skills. Failure to retain a criminal attorney to defend your Drug DUI will result in a swift and harsh conviction.

Although Penalties are the same or similar if convicted, it is generally more difficult to detect and prosecute drug DUI than alcohol. First-time Drug DUI offenses call for jail terms; suspension of driver’s license; substance abuse screening and treatment; fines, fees, assessment costs; probation; and other penalties.

If retained a criminal attorney will plead “not-guilty” on your behalf; defend your charges, and protect your rights. There may be defenses that you are not aware of that may lead to a dismissal or other favorable outcome in your case.

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