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Plea Bargains in Arizona Criminal Cases

A defense attorney’s job is to vigorously fight for the rights of his client, and, ultimately to do what is in his client’s best interest. At the same time, any seasoned Arizona criminal defense attorney knows that not every case can result in a “Not Guilty” verdict.In some cases where there is a concern about an unfavorable verdict, pre-trial motions can be litigated in hopes of creating a more favorable scenario. For example, a pre-trial motion to suppress physical evidence or a motion in limine to preclude certain harmful testimony may make a defendant’s case much stronger. However, in situations where these pre-trial motions are denied or where the prosecution’s case against the accused is exceptionally strong, an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney should discuss the idea of a negotiated guilty plea, or a plea bargain.

Plea bargains get a bad rap. However, tens of thousands of Arizona criminal defendants accept plea bargains to resolve their cases each year. This is because Arizona plea deals are the product of significant negotiation and take into account several factors. Most notably, when a defendant accepts responsibility for a crime, the prosecutor is able to divert scarce resources elsewhere. Thus, a prosecutor is motivated to resolve cases through negotiated plea bargains in order to focus on other, potentially more serious, cases.

While Arizona plea agreements can benefit some defendants, they are not for everyone and they should never be pushed on a criminal defendant by their attorney.

Arizona Woman Sentenced to 25 Years’ Imprisonment after Road-Rage Shooting Incident

Earlier this month, an Arizona woman was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to second-degree murder. According to a local news report covering the case, the woman admitted to killing a Chinese exchange student after the two were involved in a car accident back in January of 2016.

Initially, the woman was charged with first-degree murder, and faced a sentence of life imprisonment. At arraignment, she plead not guilty and the case proceeded toward trial. However, she later accepted a plea bargain whereby she would plead guilty to the lesser-included offense of second-degree murder.

The reason why the prosecution offered the plea to the lesser offense was not immediately evident, although it was noted that the woman suffered from a history of mental health issues and drug abuse.

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