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Tempe Police Fight New Type of Gang War

Convictions result in life altering criminal and collateral consequences for offenders.

The search resumes for missing 19 year old ASU student who disappeared during what he previously described to his family as “hell week” for initiation into a fraternity. He was last seen at Tempe Marketplace 11:00 pm on November 30, 2012, after attending an event held by a fraternity for which he was pledging.

Tempe police have tenaciously conducted ground and lake searches; used K-9 units; surveillance video; interviews with friends, class mates and followed many leads, in desperate attempts to find the missing college student.

But this is not the first report of crimes, possibly involving fraternities that have plagued the City of Tempe AZ this semester. Tempe police report that crime has increased in the city, since Fraternity Houses known as “Frat Row”, were eliminated and moved off of A.S.U. Campus.

Police crime statistics for Tempe reflect an overwhelming number of #911 calls and incident reports at fraternity houses and apartments complexes, now occupied by the fraternities in the city.

Many of the arrests have been for common offenses such as underage drinking; property damage and disorderly conduct. However, a number of the arrests were for hostilities between different Fraternities members resulting in misdemeanor and felony assaults, and violent attacks. The latter are serious charges that are egregiously prosecuted. Assaults, property damage and violent crimes are considered crimes against victims, and carry severe consequences.

Criminal Liability and Collateral Consequences of Felony Convictions

If a person is found guilty in a court of law, or pleads guilty to serious crimes, there will usually be long term consequences.

Convictions for many of these crimes will result in criminal liability, and will expose a person to jail, fines, fees, restitution, counseling, probation, community service, and more. Felony Convictions in Arizona call for prison sentencing. Violent crimes will result in long term prison sentences, and a felony criminal record that will have life altering adverse impacts.

Many first-time DUI or criminal offenses are the result of errors in judgment, and offenders of the law do not realize what type of penalties they will suffer if convicted. Further, they may not be aware of the fact that the convictions will result in other consequences, such as civil state penalties, especially felonies. These are sometimes referred to as “collateral consequences”, which can be just as devastating as criminal penalties. A Felony Conviction with criminal record may include civil or collateral consequences such as loss of:

  • Current Job;
  • Future job opportunities;
  • Suspension or termination from school;
  • Ability to obtain loans or credit;
  • Scholarships, or other state or federal grants;
  • Driving privileges;
  • Right to vote; possess or carry a firearms;;
  • USA Citizenship;
  • Prohibition from entering some other countries outside the US

Criminal Defense Firm, Tempe AZ

It is important that you consult a criminal attorney if you were arrested for any criminal charge. You should never “plead guilty” or go to court without retaining legal representation, especially if your charges expose you to any incarceration, upon conviction.

It is never a good idea to go to court unrepresented by proper legal counsel. If you are not sure what to do; and must go to your Arraignment unrepresented, you should always enter a “Not-guilty” plea. This will invoke your right to retain an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney.

If retained an effective criminal defense lawyer will defend your charges; protect your rights; and work towards securing the best possible resolution of your behalf. If they are unable to get the charges dismissed, they will attempt to negotiate a fair resolution, which usually is more favorable that sentencing you would get in absence of an attorney.

The judge is not responsible for advising a defendant of adverse consequences, outside of criminal sentencing orders that may result from entering a “guilty” plea or “no-contest” plea. You will need a good criminal lawyer to explain and make sure you understand criminal and civil consequences of your plea. An effective criminal attorney will listen to your concerns, and assure that you are aware of any known collateral consequences of your plea. They will make every effort to negotiate terms that will have the least possible adverse impact on your life.

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