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10 Ways Challenge DUI Blood Results – Phoenix DUI

“10 ways good Phoenix DUI Lawyers challenge blood tests results that may lead to a dismissal of your Phoenix DUI charges”

Phoenix DUI Charges

If you were arrested in Phoenix AZ for DUI charges based on blood test results you should contact a lawyer who defends Phoenix DUI charges frequently. There may be defenses that you are not aware of that can lead to a dismissal of your Phoenix DUI charges, if used effectively. Experienced DUI lawyers who defend charges in Phoenix consider the all the circumstances surrounding a specific DUI case when building your defense.

Challenging DUI Blood Test Results for DUI Defense – 10 Ways

Below are 10 areas related to blood test evidence that experienced DUI trial lawyers might target to challenge in your defense. (This list is not all inclusive):

  1. The Phoenix Police did draw a second sample for your defense;
  2. The Phoenix Police did not preserve a second sample for your defense;
  3. Your criminal defense attorney had the blood sample retested by an independent lab and there was a significant discrepancy between the police crime lab results and the independent lab results;
  4. The blood sample was improperly labeled, and it ascertained that the blood sample is yours;
  5. The blood vial was tampered with or not properly sealed;
  6. The blood kit used by police was beyond the expiration date of the blood kit and its’ contents;
  7. Strict guidelines for transport, preservation and storage of the blood sample were not in compliance;
  8. The police or personnel who drew the blood were not certified in DUI blood testing phlebotomy;
  9. When the police or lab personnel prepared your arm for the blood draw they did not use approved non-cleanings agents. Rubbing alcohol may contaminate a blood sample;
  10. Blood results were artificially inflated due to the fact that the lab technician tested only blood serum or plasma instead of the whole blood.

DUI Lawyer for Phoenix DUI Defense

DUI blood test results are just one area where defenses can be used to defend DUI charges. DUI charges have many facets that should be evaluated. Every DUI case is unique and should be evaluated on its’ own set of circumstances. Each may hold a different potential defense strategy. That is one reason why it is important to consult an experienced DUI Lawyer who frequently defends and litigates DUI charges in Phoenix. They will be well verse on the Arizona DUI Laws and recent changes; Phoenix Court standards and protocol; gathering, preservation and use of evidence; and potential defenses that can be used in your favor. With DUI penalties as severe as those in the state of Arizona, it is strongly recommended that you consult and retain a criminal defense lawyer or DUI attorney to defend your DUI charges.

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