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Arizona Felony Theft: “What is Felony Theft?”

Theft charges may be brought as Misdemeanors or Felonies. Felony Thefts are those where the values or dollar amount of stolen property exceed a specified amount by law. Other factors are also considered including the nature or type of items stolen. Felony thefts will be charged under ARS § 13 – 1802  if the value of stolen property is:

  • Equal or more than $1,000.00;
  • Under $1,000.00, if the stolen property is a Firearm;
  • Under $1,000.00 if the stolen property is an animal stolen for the purpose of fighting.

Under Arizona law, a person may be convicted of Felony Theft charges if the offense fits the following criteria:

  1. If they “knowingly” and “intentionally” committed offenses that apply under the following statutes:

    ARS § 13 – 1801. Definitions;

    ARS § 13 – 1802Theft; classification; definitions; and

  2. The value of the stolen property or service is equal or more than $1,000; or
  3. The value of the stolen property is less than $1,000.00, and is Firearm; or
  4. The value of the stolen property is less than $1,000.00, and is an animal; stolen  with the intent of using it for animal fighting an ARS § 13 – 2910.01 violation

Theft Defense in Tempe, AZ

Challenging the specified value or dollar amount of stolen property in a Felony Theft is a critical area of criminal defense. If successful the charges may be reduced to a Misdemeanor theft, which would help a defendant avoid prison terms. It is important that you hire legal representation as early as possible if you face felony theft charges. The penalties are harsh, and the prosecution pursues convictions egregiously for these crimes. You should consult a criminal lawyer who frequently defends theft charges in Tempe, AZ. They will provide you with information concerning your charges and options for defense. If retained, they will protect your rights and defend your charges.

Your best chance of getting any favorable decisions in the pre-trial, trial, or sentencing stage, will be to retain a private practice criminal defense attorney. If the charges cannot be dismissed, they will look for mitigating factors that will reduce sentencing, and attempt to help you avoid harsh prison terms. This is important because the prosecution will be building their case to present aggravating factors in order to get a longer prison term and harsher penalties. You will need your own legal advocate to defend these charges; protect your rights; and work to get a favorable outcome in your case.

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