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Driver’s License Revocation: Criminal Offenses That Will Result in Loss of Driving Privileges in Arizona

Tempe AZ Driver’s License Revocation

If your Tempe driver’s license was revoked it means your Arizona driving privileges have been withdrawn indefinitely. Driver’s license revocation usually results from serious DUI or criminal convictions that involved driving a vehicle. For many people, license revocation is more than just an inconvenience. It can be devastating for them and their families. This article provides insight into what types of Tempe DUI or criminal charges have the potential to result in driver’s license revocation in Arizona, and how you can get it reinstated.

Criminal Convictions that Result in Revocation of Driver’s License

There are a number of causes that lead to driver’s license revocation. They do not have to be criminal in nature. For example, certain psychiatric or other medical conditions may result in revocation of one’s driver’s license. Below is a list of DUI and related criminal charges in Tempe, specifically, that can result in license revocation if a defendant is convicted of the charges:

  1. DUI with Drugs or other toxic substances besides alcohol;
  2. Felony DUI (also known as aggravated DUI charges);
  3. Two or more DUI convictions;
  4. Two or more Reckless driving convictions;
  5. Felony criminal charges involving operation of a motor vehicle;
  6. Vehicular Homicide;
  7. Vehicular aggravated assault resulting from operation or use of a vehicle;
  8. Drive-by Shooting;
  9. Hit and run; or leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to stop to aid or arrange for medical aid for a victim;
  10. Making false statements to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department while under oath; including but not limited to Perjury involving operation or ownership of vehicle

Finding an Attorney for a Driver’s License Revocation in Tempe, AZ

Driver’s license revocation in Tempe is just one of the many severe consequences that can result from criminal convictions. If you face any DUI or criminal charges you should consult an experienced defense attorney who can represent you in both the criminal trial and administrative license suspension hearing. Tempe criminal attorneys who defend these cases usually provide free consultations to discuss your charges, and defense options. Hiring qualified legal representation increase your chances of avoiding a conviction, that may result in harsh consequences such incarceration and driver license revocation.

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