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Adverse consequences of Felony DUI convictions are far reaching, and can last a lifetime.

In Arizona a person convicted of a third or subsequent DUI within 7 years or 84 months will be found guilty of Aggravated DUI, Class 4 Felony charges.  Felony DUI convictions are very serious and will result in harsh sentencing including at least 4 months in State Prison.

A first offense DUI is generally charged as a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which calls for jail terms, but not prison.  There are several aggravating factors under Arizona law that can elevate a Misdemeanor DUI to an Aggravated DUI.  One of those factors is to be found guilty of a third DUI within in 84 months.

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Aggravated DUI: Alcohol or Drug Dui with a Passenger Under Age 15 in the Vehicle Elevates a DUI to Felony

If a person is arrested for any type of DUI with a passenger underage 15 in the vehicle, the charges will be elevated from a Misdemeanor to Felony (Aggravated) Class 6 Felony, in addition to any other Misdemeanor DUI charges brought for the original DUI offense.

ARS § 28-1383 A 3 (a) & (b): Aggravated DUI with Passenger under 15 in vehicle Laws

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Tempe AZ Driver’s License Revocation

If your Tempe driver’s license was revoked it means your Arizona driving privileges have been withdrawn indefinitely. Driver’s license revocation usually results from serious DUI or criminal convictions that involved driving a vehicle. For many people, license revocation is more than just an inconvenience. It can be devastating for them and their families. This article provides insight into what types of Tempe DUI or criminal charges have the potential to result in driver’s license revocation in Arizona, and how you can get it reinstated.

Criminal Convictions that Result in Revocation of Driver’s License

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