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Driver’s License Revocation In Arizona: Why Driving Privileges Can Be Revoked And How To Get Them Reinstated

Arizona Driver’s License Revocation

Driver’s License revocation is the State of Arizona’s withdrawal of a person’s driving privilege for an indefinite length of time. Revocation of a driver’s license, in most cases, occurs as the result of a serious Gilbert DUI or criminal conviction that involved your driving. For most people who drive, it is an inconvenience or even a hardship. For some, it is more than can be devastating. It may mean loss of job or future job opportunities; and other long term adverse effects on a person’s life and family.

Gilbert DUI Charges & Criminal Convictions that Result in Driver’s License Revocation

There are other circumstances besides criminal or DUI convictions that may result in loss of a person’s driving privilege indefinitely. The list below however, is a list of Gilbert DUI or criminal charges that if convicted, would lead to AZ Driver’s License revocation:

  1. Drug DUI charges;
  2. Felony or Aggravated DUI charges;
  3. Two or more DUI charges;
  4. Two or more Reckless driving charges;
  5. Felony charges stemming from operation or use of a vehicle;
  6. Vehicular Homicide
  7. Aggravated assault resulting from operation or use of a vehicle;
  8. Drive-by Shooting;
  9. Leaving the scene of an accident and failing to stop to aid or arrange for medical aid for a victim of the accident;
  10. Making false statements to AZ MVD while under oath; including but not limited to Perjury involving ownership or operation of a motor vehicle

License Reinstatement in Gilbert Arizona

A motorists driver’s license may be reinstated once the following steps are completed and approved:

  • The driver must submit a “Revocation Investigation Packet”. Details of this can be found at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) website;
  • An investigation takes place.  The State of Arizona must conclude that all withdrawal actions and Arizona state requirements are met;
  • If the conviction was the result of DUI drug or alcohol charges, the driver will need be evaluated and submit documentation to the AZ MVD of their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. This evaluation must be completed and documentation provided by a licensed physician, psychologist, or other certified substance abuse counselor;
  • Following completion of the investigation, the driver is notified of this. They can apply for reinstatement of their driver’s license by submitting a reinstatement application;
  • Payment of any fees and costs related to the reinstatement process; A fee schedule may be found on the ADOT website;
  • The driver must submit proof of SR-22 certification. The SR-22 certification is simply a form filed by the driver’s auto insurer. The auto insurance company submits this SR-22 form to the Arizona MVD that signifies that the driver has fulfilled required insurance responsibilities which includes keeping their auto liability insurance current and in force.
  • If a reinstatement application decision is discretionary. If the application is denied, the driver may submit a written request for an Administrative Hearing to the Executive Hearing Office of the AZ MVD.
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