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Maricopa County Prosecutors to Receive Specialized Training for Prosecution of Drug DUI Charges

The Maricopa County Attorney’s office recently issued a press release about Maricopa County Prosecutors preparing to receive some of the most advance training available, to enhance prosecution of drug impaired drivers.

Drug DUI charges now constitute almost half of DUI charges. It is also reported that drug impaired drivers make up about 50% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes and serious motor vehicle accidents.

The officers will be sent for a week long course taught by internationally recognized experts in a variety of fields related to Drug effects and DUI impairments. Subjects will include:

  • The latest collision investigation techniques;
  • Drug testing methodology;
  • Pharmacology and how it impacts driving behaviors;
  • New strategies for drug DUI prosecution case preparation;
  • New technology and forensics; used to prevention and prosecute drivers impaired by drugs

Maricopa County Prosecutors are already some of the best trained prosecuting attorneys in the state. They have a vast amount of litigation experience and carry heavy workloads. Now they will be even more prepared to prosecute Drug DUI and DUI charges than ever. In addition Drug DUI charges as well as alcohol DUI penalties are some of the toughest in the country. There is little difference in sentencing and penalties for Drug impaired convictions v. alcohol related DUI convictions.

Sentencing for both types of DUI convictions call for jail terms; suspension of driver’s license for 90 days for first time offenses; fines, fees, assessments; mandatory participation in alcohol and substance abuse programs.

DUI Attorney in Phoenix AZ

For these reasons, it is more important than ever to consult an experienced Phoenix drug dui attorney before pleading guilty to charges. They will provide you with information about your charges, and options for defense. If retained, they will protect your rights and defend your charges. There may be defense you are not aware of that if used successfully, may lead to a favorable outcome in your case, or help you to mitigate harsh sentencing.

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