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The Maricopa County Attorney’s office recently issued a press release about Maricopa County Prosecutors preparing to receive some of the most advance training available, to enhance prosecution of drug impaired drivers.

Drug DUI charges now constitute almost half of DUI charges. It is also reported that drug impaired drivers make up about 50% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes and serious motor vehicle accidents.

The officers will be sent for a week long course taught by internationally recognized experts in a variety of fields related to Drug effects and DUI impairments. Subjects will include:

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Portable Breath Test Unit

A Portable Breath Test (PBT) Unit is a hand-held mobile device, used by police in Arizona DUI field stops. The PBT is a preliminary DUI breath test tool used to test a person’s Blood Alcohol Content or BAC. The purpose of the PBT is simply to distinguish if a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It an early screening and detection tool only. If used to obtain a reading, it must be followed up with use of a formal breathalyzer test for alcohol, or chemical tests for drug impairment determination. Arizona prohibits use of a PBT as admissible evidence in court.

Why PBTs are not Admissible in Scottsdale AZ Courts

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