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Reasons your AZ Driver’s License may be revoked and how to reinstate it

AZ Driver’s License Revocation

Driver’s License revocation is the withdrawal or removal of a person’s privilege to drive, for an indefinite length of time.  Revocation of a driver’s license in Arizona is usually the result of multiple or felony DUI convictions or other serious criminal convictions. For many, license revocation can be devastating on a person’s life. It could mean the loss of their job, or future job opportunities, and other adverse impacts on a person or their family.

Chandler DUI Charges & Criminal Convictions that Result in Driver’s License Revocation

Under Arizona law your license may be revoked if you are convicted of the following multiple or serious Chandler DUI or criminal charges (this list is not all inclusive):

  1. DUI involving drugs or other toxic substances;
  2. Felony DUI or Aggravated DUI;
  3. DUI charges – Two or more;
  4. Reckless driving convictions – Two or more;
  5. Felony charges involving use of a vehicle;
  6. Vehicular assault – homicide or aggravated assault resulting from use of a vehicle;
  7. Discharge of a gun while in driving or riding in a vehicle “Drive-by Shooting”;
  8. Leaving the scene of an accident in which you were involved and failing to stop to render aid or arrange for medical aid to a victim;
  9. Making false statements to AZ MVD while under oath;
  10. Perjury to Arizona MVD involving ownership or operation of a motor vehicle

License Reinstatement

Once a Chandler AZ driver’s license is revoked it will remain so indefinitely. Detailed instructions as well as Q & As can be found at the official Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) government website.  In sum, a revoked driver’s license may be reinstated after the following has been satisfied:

  • The driver must submit an Revocation Investigation Packet which can be obtained from the ADOT website;
  • An investigation is completed, to assure that all withdrawal actions and Arizona state requirements are met;
  • If the conviction was due to DUI involving alcohol or drugs, the driver will need obtain and provide documentation to the AZ MVD of their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and/or proof of their completion of a substance abuse treatment program. This information must be provided by a licensed psychologist, physician, certified substance abuse counselor or treatment facility;
  • Once the investigation is completed, an application for reinstatement is submitted;
  • Payment any outstanding fines, and fees including reinstatement application fees;
  • The driver must shows proof of his or her SR-22 certification. (This is a special form filed by an auto insurer to the Arizona MVD which states that the driver has fulfilled required insurance responsibilities).
  • If a request for reinstatement is denied the driver may submit a written request for an Administrative Hearing to the Executive Hearing Office of the AZ MVD.

Chandler DUI Lawyers | Chandler AZ Criminal Defense Attorneys

Arizona Driver’s License revocation is a serious penalty for most drivers. If you face a Chandler DUI charges or other criminal charges that could potentially result in driver’s license revocation you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. Many experienced DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorneys who defend Chandler AZ DUI or criminal charges provide free consultations. You can discuss your matter with them and obtain your options for a defense. If retained, they will provide you with legal representation and defend your charges. In many cases, they are able to help you get unjust charges dismissed, avoid a conviction, or mitigate charges or harsh penalties that would otherwise result in driver’s license revocation.

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