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Police may soon be able to conduct roadside testing for impaired driving due to Marijuana and numerous other drugs.

Currently, drug and Marijuana DUI can only be detected in a driver’s blood stream through chemical testing such as DUI blood or urine tests. These methods are intrusive, and sometimes take weeks for the results to be processed.

The new hand-held drug DUI detection device was designed by scientists in Sweden and known as “SensAbues”. It works much like an alcohol breath test which requires the subject to breath into a mouthpiece to enable the filtration and entrapment of certain particles to be examined by police.

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Motions to Suppress Evidence in DUI or Criminal Charges Gilbert AZ

The Arizona Rules of Procedure for criminal cases governs the procedures and protocol for processing DUI & criminal cases. If retained, your attorney will review your case to determine if any of your rights were violated and what defenses may be used in your case. If one or more exist, they will file a “Motion” for the court’s review.

Motions should have justifiable basis and not be frivolous. If there is cause to suppress evidence in your case, legal advocate will file a “Motion to Suppress” certain evidence that the prosecution plans to use against you. The presiding judge may grant suppression of the evidence. In many cases, suppression of material evidence may lead to a dismissal of charges.

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