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  • Get more than one quote:  You can expect to get a wide range of quotes since there are no governing entities that require attorneys to charge a certain price. It is not uncommon to get quotes for a Misdemeanor DUI anywhere from $1500.00 to $7,500.00. With that keep in mind, that price is not a reflection of the competency or effectiveness a DUI or criminal lawyer to defend your case.  Many other factors contribute to a law firm’s decision on fee schedules. Some factors include overhead and operating costs; advertising costs; competition; and geographical area.
  • Understand global fees: Global fees structures are those that encompass the cost of both pre-trial and trial defense services. Global fees are usually much higher than flat fees. Before you agree to enter a global free agreement, you should know the differences and some statistics: Only about 2% to 3% of all Gilbert DUI and criminal cases end up going to trial. In perspective, that means 97% to 98% of cases are resolved, or dismissed without a trial. Then, if a trial is not needed, the Law Firm still keeps the entire global fee. No refunds. In all fairness, that is not to say charging global fees is a bad thing; some people prefer this structure, because it gives them peace of mind, in knowing they will not have to pay additional attorney fees for a trial if it is needed.
  • Understand flat fees: Flat fees arrangements are usually lower than global fees. They are “tiered”. The first tier includes a flat attorney fee for pre-trial services. If resolved in that tier, no additional fees are owed. If an unresolved case results in the need for a trial, there will be a separate fee, which is the second.  Those that chose this fee structure, prefer to pay the lessor flat fee, with the odds significantly in their favor (97% to 98%) that they will not need a trial. Make sure the separate tier fees are included in the fee agreement.
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