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With spring just arrived and summer only months away, many of us look forward to the longer days and hours of outdoor entertaining. Whether casual BBQs and picnics or more formal affairs, warm weather celebrations can often include alcohol. As a responsible party host, you might wonder what you can to ensure that your guests do not drive under the influence. Nationally, there are over one million DUI arrests every year, with approximately 30,000 DUIs in Virginia alone. If you find yourself needing legal representation by a Fairfax DUI Lawyer or a Leesburg DUI Lawyer, please contact us .Drivers under the influence of alcohol are often impaired, with slowed reflexes and the related inability to react to other cars and obstacles in the road thus endangering their life, that of their passengers, and others on the road.

To ensure that your guests do hit the road when their driving may be impaired, arrange in advance for some guests to remain sober as designated drivers. Collect car keys from the rest of your guests and don’t return them to anyone who appears intoxicated. Make sure that sober driver volunteers, and other party goers, have plenty of beverage options to choose from besides alcohol. Some good alternatives are soda waters garnished with lemon or lime, soft drinks, non-alcoholic beers, and sparkling ciders. If you’re hiring a bartender or asking a friend to handle the duties, explain that it’s important to you that guests are not over-served. If someone seems past their limit, ask that they not be served any more alcohol. For those choosing to imbibe, moderation is crucial. Finally, arrange for “last call” in advance of the party’s end. Give about an hour of breathing room and alternate beverage choices before guests start heading home. Remember that hot weather can be dehydrating—and alcoholic beverages may hit harder than usual.

Keep in mind that impaired driving and drunk driving may coincide, but aren’t necessarily the same thing. A person is considered to be driving under the influence in Virginia, or drunk, when their blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or above 0.08. However, even with a BAC lower than 0.08 a person’s coordination, judgment, and reflexes can be negatively impacted.

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