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Tempe AZ Crime News: Tale of a City Spinning out of Control to Violent Crime and Drug Gangs

What Police and city officials are doing to take back their crime plagued city.    

As the trial begins for the murdered ASU student, Kyleigh Sousa, Tempe Police and City Officials try to prevent, and control crime and take back the downtown areas.

What was once the center of fun, and enjoyable activities, and entertainment, has now become the center of organized drug gangs and violence.  We are reminded of not only the tragic death of this ASU student, but the shoot- out last year between gang members at a popular nightclub.

Over the last two years, Tempe AZ reportedly has reported some of the highest crime rates in the East Valley, including Phoenix and Scottsdale.

In 2011, violent crime in Tempe increased by 0.8%; and property crimes increased by 5.2% from the prior year.

2011 Tempe Crime Snapshot

  • Tempe police reported 9,892 criminal arrests;
  • Of the arrests 1,464 were made for violent or dangerous crimes***;
  • Police responded to 152,392 police calls;
  • Police took 34,238 incident reports;
  • Police conducted 6,045 in-depth criminal investigations;

*Violent or dangerous crime arrests in this category include:  Murder, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Sexual Assaults

What Police are doing to combat increased crime in Tempe AZ

To combat crime Police continue to:

  • Take advantage of new technology as it becomes available;
  • Increasing officer training;
  • Heighten police presence in high crime areas;
  • Conducting more DUI and safety checkpoints;
  • Providing more resources on line to more easily report crimes;
  • Utilizing social media to gather evidence and enhance communication with the pubic;
  • Working with city officials and the public to raise awareness and provide education in crime prevention and reporting.

Criminal Charges in Tempe AZ

Arizona has some of the toughest criminal and DUI laws in the country. The prosecute DUI charges and felonies egregiously, especially when crimes involve a victim. Dangerous and violent crimes are usually charged as felonies. Felony offenses including aggravated DUI charges will expose a person to harsh prison terms and large fines among other severe penalties. If you or a family member is arrested for DUI or other criminal charges, you should always consult a qualified Tempe criminal defense attorney to discuss your matter, before your required court appearance.

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