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How to Preserve Your Rights After a DUI in Chandler, AZ

An arrest is not a conviction. You should always invoke your right legal representation for your charges. Here are a few of your initial rights following an arrest in Chandler, you should preserve in your defense:

  • Advise the arresting officer that you with to invoke your right to remain silent following your arrest, if you are questioned or interrogated about the criminal charges, until your attorney is present;
  • Plead “Not Guilty”. It is best to allow your attorney to enter this plea for you;
  • Hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

Failure to preserve your rights, could jeopardize your defenses. For example, you could innocently make statements that seem harmless, but actually may result in self-incrimination. Another waiver of your rights, would be if pled “Guilty” at your Arraignment. By pleading guilty without qualified representation, you are admitting full guilt, and informing the court that there is no defense for your actions. This could result a fast conviction, with maximum penalties allowed by law.

Defending Chandler Drunk Driving Charges

Police work closely with the prosecution to get DUI and criminal convictions. Arizona DUI laws are strict and penalties for convictions are harsh. Current they include mandatory jail sentences for misdemeanor DUI convictions. You should always consult a private practice criminal defense firm, before entering any plea or appearing in court for your charges. There may be defenses you are not aware of that can be used to challenge evidence, get charges reduce, mitigate sentencing, or even lead to a dismissal of charges in your case.

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