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“All gave some; some gave all”.

1. Observance of Memorial Day began after the Civil War, in remembrance of those 620,000 who lost their lives in the deadliest war ever to occur on U.S. soil.

2. Out of the total number of deaths in the Civil War, a majority of the deaths, 400,000, resulted from disease. Combat resulted in 220,000 deaths.

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An individual has rights afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution; the Arizona State Constitution; Arizona Laws; and Procedural, Protocol and Criminal Court rights, and basic Civil Human Rights.

Your Rights at a DUI Stop in Chandler, AZ

  • You have the right not to be  pulled over for a traffic stop unless police have reasonable suspension that a violation of the law has occurred or is in progress;
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Why You Need Legal Representation in Chandler City Court

If you were arrested for a DUI in Chandler or other criminal charges, you are most likely required to appear in Chandler Municipal Court. It is never a good idea to go to criminal court without proper legal representation.

Currently all Arizona DUI convictions call for jail sentencing use of interlock device; license suspension; alcohol and drug counseling or treatment; probation; fines, assessments, and other penalties. You should always retain legal counsel, to represent you. They will protect your rights, and defend your charges. The prosecutors are not to help you, make sure you are treated fairly, or get a less harsh sentencing. Even if they know their evidence or case is weak, it is not their job to point it out to you. The judge is there to hear arguments and motions from both sides, not to be your legal advocate.

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An arrest is not a conviction. You should always invoke your right legal representation for your charges. Here are a few of your initial rights following an arrest in Chandler, you should preserve in your defense:

  • Advise the arresting officer that you with to invoke your right to remain silent following your arrest, if you are questioned or interrogated about the criminal charges, until your attorney is present;
  • Plead “Not Guilty”. It is best to allow your attorney to enter this plea for you;
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“If you retain legal representation early enough, your attorney may be able to keep your Misdemeanor charges from being elevated to a Felony. In some cases, your attorney can help to prevent criminal charges from being brought at all.”

Arrested for DUI or other Crime in Chandler AZ  

If you were arrested for a DUI or criminal charges in Chandler, and you are not sure if they are  misdemeanor or felony charges,  you should contact a criminal defense attorney. You can discuss the events that have taken place; documents received; and your concerns. They will be able to provide you with insight concerning your charges and potential defense options.

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“10 things to do after a Chandler DUI arrest that will help you recover from the DUI arrest, and even increase your chances of getting a DUI dismissal”.

DUI Arrest Chandler AZ

If you were arrested for DUI in Chandler AZ, and face active charges, you should consult a criminal defense attorney who defends DUI charges in Chandler as soon as possible. You will need a strong DUI attorney who will protect your rights through the DUI case stages. The Arizona penalties for DUI conviction are harsh and currently include mandatory jail time, even for non-extreme, first time offenders. The stakes are too high to go without good legal representation. There are also things you can do to take control of your life, and to prepare for the challenges ahead that surround the DUI charges.

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