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Why You Need Legal Representation in Chandler City Court

If you were arrested for a DUI in Chandler or other criminal charges, you are most likely required to appear in Chandler Municipal Court. It is never a good idea to go to criminal court without proper legal representation.

Currently all Arizona DUI convictions call for jail sentencing use of interlock device; license suspension; alcohol and drug counseling or treatment; probation; fines, assessments, and other penalties. You should always retain legal counsel, to represent you. They will protect your rights, and defend your charges. The prosecutors are not to help you, make sure you are treated fairly, or get a less harsh sentencing. Even if they know their evidence or case is weak, it is not their job to point it out to you. The judge is there to hear arguments and motions from both sides, not to be your legal advocate.

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If you were arrested for DUI or charged with a crime, you should have a complaint or citation. This document will provide information about the location and name of the court that you are required to appear. This is hearing is called an “Arraignment”. All misdemeanors are heard in the lower courts which are City or Justice courts, in the municipality where you were cited or arrested.

If you are required to appear in Tempe Municipal Court, for a misdemeanor or preliminary hearing for a felony for DUI or criminal charges.  Below is the location and telephone number for that criminal court:

Tempe Municipal Court

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