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The State of Arizona currently allows for prohibited users to bear firearms. That that right does not extend to Prohibited Weapons or firearms. In addition to explosives, bombs, improvised explosive devices (IED), and other prohibited weapons, certain types of guns are on the prohibition list as well. Persons found guilty of violating this law, will be exposed to a Class 4 Felony which calls for prison terms and other harsh penalties.

Prohibited Weapons Defined

Under A.R.S. 13-3101 (8) “Prohibited weapons” that pertain to firearms and guns include:

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Road rage is prosecuted as a criminal offense in Arizona  

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) as driving that markedly exceeds the normal safety driving behaviors. It consists of driving that affects other motorists and their passengers and places them in unnecessary danger.

Law enforcement agencies recognize it as driving that includes unsafe moving traffic violations that endanger others or their property.

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How to preserving your rights after arrest: To know them is to protect them.

The most important thing you need do is to preserve your rights after a DUI arrest in Mesa. By doing this you will protect your rights to defend your charges. Failure to preserve your rights, may waive or limit otherwise viable defenses. Here are some tips to protecting yourself from waiving defenses, or to limit the strength of the prosecution’s case against you.

  • Never resist arrestAt the point police decide to make an arrest, you must cooperate. Limit any discussion. Do not argue. That will only lead to additional more serious charges. Resisting arrest may also compel the police to use force, which will result in physical harm to you.
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“Some people mistakenly think that because a drug is synthetic or imitation, that it is legal.”

Law enforcement officials issued 17 search warrants in Maricopa County, as part of a nationwide operation targeting simulated illegal drugs including Cocaine, Meth, Marijuana and synthetic chemicals. The effects of such sales are being called an “epidemic” of the designer drug market.

Raids were conducted targeting manufactures, distributors, retailers, and individuals involved in sales of simulated drugs. Law enforcement in Arizona seized over $3 million in assets; over 3,000 pounds of synthetic Marijuana products and chemicals, and over 700 pounds of bath salts, including related substances, firearms and vehicles used in the illegal operations.

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“Common Defenses that can be used to defend Drug Possession Charges in Gilbert AZ”

Arizona Drug Possession Laws

Defenses for Drug Possession Laws, are tailored based on the circumstances of the situation, Arizona Criminal Laws and Drug offense Laws; and a person’s Constitutional Rights afforded by Federal and State.

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“5 Things to do after a Phoenix DUI arrest to preserve your DUI defenses.”

If you have been arrested for criminal or DUI charges in Phoenix AZ, you must preserve your rights, so that your DUI attorney may use them to defend you. This will allow your criminal attorney to utilize any possible defenses pertaining to your case that could lead to a dismissal.

Here are some important rights to know and things you can do protect them:

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