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When the primary DUI evidence is found to be inaccurate, this often leads to dismissal of charges.

People often ask “Which is more reliable, a DUI blood test or breath test?”   But the fact is, that inaccuracies can result from both types of testing.   In an effort to increase the accuracies of testing,  rules and methods are in place in Arizona, with regard to administering the DUI Breath Tests.   But despite these laws,  all tests are subject to human errors in administration and equipment errors.

These rules include creating, and maintaining quality assurance programs.  The program requires that breath test machines to be calibrated and regularly checked to make sure they are functioning properly, and reading within certain blood alcohol concentration ( BAC) accuracy limits.   Regular maintenance and calibration checks must also following guidelines such as be completed about a month apart. More comprehensive quality check-ups must be completed about every 3 months.   Other procedures include making sure the breath test operators are properly trained and licensed to administer the breath tests.

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