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AZ Drug Recognition Program Earns National Recognition for Success in Identifying Drug Impaired Drivers

Many Police Officers in Maricopa County are trained in drug recognition and evaluation. This intense and specialized training allows them to distinguish between drug impaired drivers from medically impaired drivers. Symptoms are often similar or the same in both situations.

Qualifications to Participate in DRE

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In Arizona, one primary factor for charging a suspect with possession of Marijuana with intent to sell is the quantity of a drug found in a person’s possession. In order to prosecute these charges there must be some additional evidence presented to support the charge. Examples may include proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you were intending to exchange something for the drugs such as cash, weapons, or other illegal drugs.

It could also include evidence of paraphernalia in close proximity to the drugs such as scales, ledgers, text or telephone records; baggies and other evidence that suggest the Marijuana was in a person’s possession for sale or intent to sell. Sometimes, co-defendant’s testimony in the same case or a different case leads to finding, arresting and prosecuting suspects for possession with intent to sell.

Classifications for Marijuana for sale or intent to sell

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