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“Good Scottsdale DUI lawyers can sometimes help prevent your misdemeanor charges from being raised to a felony; in some cases, they can help prevent criminal charges from being brought against you at all.”

Scottsdale DUI and Criminal Charges

If you were arrested for a DUI or criminal offense, but aren’t sure if they are misdemeanor or felony charges, you should contact a Scottsdale criminal lawyer as soon as possible.  You can discuss the events that have taken place; documents received; and your concerns. They will be able to provide you with insight concerning your charges and potential defense options.

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  • Call around: There are no governing entities in Scottsdale, AZ that dictate what a criminal defense attorney can charge for their services. So you may get quotes with a major gap between high and low. Remember that lower fees do not necessarily mean the attorney is less effective to defend your case. While at the same time, higher costs may not mean they are any more qualified either. There are many factors that attorneys consider for pricing including supply and demand; overhead and operating costs; competition and geographical areas.
  • Request a discount: Many criminal attorneys who defend Scottsdale criminal charges, will extend a discount if you ask for it, and if they feel you are serious about hiring them.
  • Negotiate:  A good number of attorneys will agree to an offer from the client to pay a higher amount up front, example a reasonable and fair amount of $80% to 90% of the total quote. This, in exchange for a 10% to – 20% reduction of the total cost.
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