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Theft charges may be brought as Misdemeanors or Felonies. Felony Thefts are those where the values or dollar amount of stolen property exceed a specified amount by law. Other factors are also considered including the nature or type of items stolen. Felony thefts will be charged under ARS § 13 – 1802  if the value of stolen property is:

  • Equal or more than $1,000.00;
  • Under $1,000.00, if the stolen property is a Firearm;
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Tempe DUI Arrest 

If your arrest was based on DUI breath test results, you should contact a Tempe DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Defenses may exist surrounding your breath test evidence. The prosecution will not seek out deficiencies in the breath test evidence, on your behalf. You will need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who defends DUI charges in Tempe frequently. They will be your advocate and examine all aspects surrounding your breath test results to make certain they are accurate and valid. If not, the evidence may not be admitted in court to use against you, which may ultimately lead to a dismissal of the Tempe DUI charges.

Challenging DUI breath test evidence for DUI defense

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If you face Tempe DUI or criminal charges, a free consultation with a Tempe criminal defense lawyer or Tempe DUI attorney is a must. You should never “plead guilty” or go to court unrepresented, without at least speaking with a private practice criminal defense lawyer about your matter. There may be defenses that they can use to help you get your charges dismissed or harsh sentences reduced.

Free Consultations

You should know what to expect out of the free consultation. Here are 7 facts and tips to help you get the most out of it:

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How to Protect Your Rights after a Tempe DUI Arrest

If you were arrested for DUI charges in Tempe AZ, you must to everything you can to protect your rights. By preserving your rights, your Tempe DUI lawyer can use them in your defense. Here are 5 important tips that will help you preserve your rights:

1) Never resist arrest – Once the police have decided to arrest you, they rarely change their mind.  To become argumentative, or to resist arrest, you will only make your situation worse. The police will add additional and more serious charges (such as resisting arrest, or assault to a police officer). Resisting arrest may also lead to physical harm to you as a result of the police using force to make the arrest.

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