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If you were charged with disorderly conduct in Scottsdale, you should consult a criminal defense attorney to discuss your matter, and defense options. The penalties can be severe depending on the circumstances and classification of the charges. Charges may be brought as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the facts of your case.  Disorderly conduct charges  sometimes follow a warning by police, but not always.  Due to the nature and subjectivity of the charges, they are frequently challenged; and often dismissed due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Disorderly Conduct  Penalties

If convicted of  Class 1 Misdemeanor under Disorderly Conduct Laws  A.R.S. 13-2904,  the penalties may include up to 6 months incarceration; $2500.00 fines; fees; costs; probation; and other penalties.

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“ Arizona, Drug Possession convictions, requires the defendant to have  “knowledge” of Possession.   If your criminal lawyer can raise reasonable doubt regarding “knowledge” of the drugs in their possession,  it can lead to a dismissal of your Possession charges.”

In order for the State of Arizona to get a conviction for illegal drug possession charges  they have the burden of proving that a defendant had “knowledge” that the illegal drugs were in their Possession. Illegal drugs include possession of Marijuana, Dangerous drugs, Narcotic drugs or any other drugs or substances defined Arizona law A.R.S. 34 13-3401:

  • A.R.S. 34 13-3402: A person shall not knowingly: possess, use, produce, sell, transport, distribute, manufacture, Marijuana, or any other illegal drugs;
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“If you were arrested for DUI it does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty.  Here are some common defenses that may help you avoid a  harsh DUI conviction. “

If you are facing DUI charges in Gilbert AZ, you have the right to defend your charges.  Arizona is well known for having some of the harshest penalties for DUI in the country. They include mandatory jail time for even a first offense, non-extreme, or non-aggravated DUI. The criminal justice court system can be overwhelming and the laws complex.  Arizona prosecutors are well trained and experienced at prosecuting DUI offenses.  You will need to have a qualified legal advocate to challenge their case against you through the formal criminal justice process.

DUI Defenses  

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“There may be justifiable defenses for even the most serious of drug possession charges.  But the most effective way to utilize  even the strongest of  defenses, is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to argue them on your behalf.” 

Gilbert Drug Charges

A large number of drug possession charges in Gilbert AZ are classified as felonies. Depending on the nature of the charges, you could face harsh penalties.  If the quantity if an illegal drug  exceeds statutory Threshold Amounts for the drugs found in your possession, you will be exposed to mandatory prison sentencing.  Defendants accused of possessing large quantities of illegal drugs are usually charged with  “possession with intent to sell” or “illegal drug sales”.  In either situation, your freedom and future are in jeopardy.  If retained, a good criminal  defense lawyer, will be able to evaluate your case and find viable defense that can be used to challenge your charges.      

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“The court has discretion over what your sentence will be within a wide range for felony assaults.  So if your felony assault charges cannot be dismissed, the next step for your criminal defense attorney present mitigating factors in an effort to get your sentencing reduced.”

Arizona Aggravated Assault Charges – Phoenix AZ

Aggravated Assault charges are also known as Felony Assault charges.  Simple or Misdemeanor charges can also be elevated to assault charges in Phoenix, when certain aggravating factors exist.  Aggravated assault charges are taken very seriously in Arizona because they are crimes that harm or intent to harm another person or victim.  All Felony Assault charges carry prison sentencing if convicted in Arizona.

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“Common Defenses used by the best DUI trial lawyers, that can lead to dismissal of DUI charges.”

DUI Arrest Gilbert AZ

If you were arrested in Gilbert, AZ for DUI, you have the right to defend your charges. The prosecution, and police work closely together to pursue DUI convictions.  Gilbert Police are known for their specialized DUI phlebotomy training and motorcycle units to seek out and arrest those driving impaired due to alcohol or drugs.  The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe and include jail time for misdemeanor, first offense DUI charges.  You should consult  a  DUI attorney who defends charges in Gilbert AZ frequently. If retained, they may be able to find defenses that can be used to challenge and effectively defend your charges.  In some cases, the defenses will lead to a suppression of evidence, reduction of charges or dismissal of the charges.

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“If you retain legal representation early enough, your attorney may be able to keep your Misdemeanor charges from being elevated to a Felony. In some cases, your attorney can help to prevent criminal charges from being brought at all.”

Arrested for DUI or other Crime in Chandler AZ  

If you were arrested for a DUI or criminal charges in Chandler, and you are not sure if they are  misdemeanor or felony charges,  you should contact a criminal defense attorney. You can discuss the events that have taken place; documents received; and your concerns. They will be able to provide you with insight concerning your charges and potential defense options.

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Tempe DUI Arrest 

If your arrest was based on DUI breath test results, you should contact a Tempe DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Defenses may exist surrounding your breath test evidence. The prosecution will not seek out deficiencies in the breath test evidence, on your behalf. You will need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who defends DUI charges in Tempe frequently. They will be your advocate and examine all aspects surrounding your breath test results to make certain they are accurate and valid. If not, the evidence may not be admitted in court to use against you, which may ultimately lead to a dismissal of the Tempe DUI charges.

Challenging DUI breath test evidence for DUI defense

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If you face Tempe DUI or criminal charges, a free consultation with a Tempe criminal defense lawyer or Tempe DUI attorney is a must. You should never “plead guilty” or go to court unrepresented, without at least speaking with a private practice criminal defense lawyer about your matter. There may be defenses that they can use to help you get your charges dismissed or harsh sentences reduced.

Free Consultations

You should know what to expect out of the free consultation. Here are 7 facts and tips to help you get the most out of it:

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AZ Driver’s License Revocation

Driver’s License revocation is the withdrawal or removal of a person’s privilege to drive, for an indefinite length of time.  Revocation of a driver’s license in Arizona is usually the result of multiple or felony DUI convictions or other serious criminal convictions. For many, license revocation can be devastating on a person’s life. It could mean the loss of their job, or future job opportunities, and other adverse impacts on a person or their family.

Chandler DUI Charges & Criminal Convictions that Result in Driver’s License Revocation

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