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Grant will help expedite the resolution of Drug DUI charges

The Prosecution of the City of Mesa was awarded a Drug DUI enforcement grant of $6,787. The money is earmarked for crime lab expenses. It will allow the crime lab to stay opened an additional, 240 hours per year. The purpose of the expanded operating time is to dedicate it solely for the purpose of processing Mesa Drug DUI evidence. It is expected to increase drug DUI case processing to an average of 210 cases, and expedite the resolution of charges.

AZ Drug DUI Laws

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Police increase ability to find locations where shots were fired from; and apprehending suspects responsible for firing the shots.   

Arizona Weapons Crimes

A party in a Phoenix AZ neighborhood quickly ended with gunshots fired and resulting injuries around 2:00 a.m. November 17, 2012. At least 3 people were injured after about 2 dozen shots were fired.  No known arrests were made, but two weapons were found at the scene, by police.

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Jurisdiction as it relates to criminal charges is a certain Court’s authority to hear specific types of cases. It involves both geographic elements as well as legal authority afforded by the State, County and Federal laws. Felonies and Misdemeanors have are heard in different courts. Generally, the city, county and state where a person is arrested, or accused of a crime, is the geographic location where the criminal justice court proceedings will begin. Below are some facts and guidelines for Arizona court jurisdiction for felonies and misdemeanors in Maricopa County:

  1. Felonies are heard in the Arizona Superior Courts.  AZ Superior Court is considered only one entity, but they have different locations serving Arizona, and Maricopa County.
  2. Misdemeanors are heard in the lower courts – Municipal Courts, City courts and Justice Courts in Arizona.  The Municipal Court in Mesa is located at:
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“Good criminal lawyers who defend charges in Mesa AZ are often successful in getting Disorderly Conduct charges dismissed by using some common defenses.”

Disorderly Conduct charges may be brought in Mesa AZ  under ARS 13-2904 if  the police felt that with intent and knowledge, the accused disturbed the peace of a person or business.  The law is comprehensive and allows for a broad range of conduct that might fall within the description. The charges may be classified as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the facts surrounding the incident.  Disorderly Conduct charges are frequently challenged by criminal defense lawyers because of their subjective nature, and are often unjustifiable. Good Mesa criminal lawyers, are often successful in getting Disorderly Conduct charges dismissed by using some common defenses.   

Disorderly Conduct Defenses

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“In even the most serious drug charges, a good criminal attorney may be able to find viable defenses that can lead to a dismissal of charges or other favorable outcome in your case.”

Mesa Drug Charges

A large number of drug crimes in Mesa AZ are charged as felonies. Depending on the nature of the charges, you could be exposed to harsh penalties.  If a large quantity (exceeding statutory Threshold Amounts) of an illegal drug or substance is  found in your possession,  you may face mandatory prison sentencing.  Defendants accused of possessing large quantities of illegal drugs usually faced with charges of “possession with intent to sell” or “selling illegal drugs”.  In either case, your freedom and future are at stake. You should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your matter, and options for defense. If retained, a good criminal  defense lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and find viable defense that can be used to challenge your charges.      

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